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Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week by MTNL Mumbai From 26/10/2021 to 01/11/2021.

Independent India @75:Self Reliance with Integrity

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  The commemoration of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav(AKAM) is being coordinated by Ministry of Culture.
Contribute your rendering of the National Anthem of India at; https://rashtragaan.in.

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Introducing Nishtha Plans to the existing Landline Customers of MTNL, Mumbai with Virtual Landline by opting forwarded number of own choice.

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Customer Appeal Services by MTNL, Mumbai - Dial 1130(IVRS) to register your appeal on non-redressal of complaint.

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Golden Opportunity to partner with MTNL, Mumbai for the exciting FTTH Revenue Share Model and create lucrative business prospects.

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Lease / Saleof Spaces

Prime Spaces on Lease/Sale

Prime spaces in MTNL buildings, premises at strategic locations across Mumbai & New Delhi are available for Lease or Sale.

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Current Tenders

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MTNL is providing free SMTP Email Relay services to Broadband customers.If you are availing this service,this announcement may affect you.You are requested to take appropriate action.

What is being done ?

All broadband customers who have Static IP can relay emails through smtp.mtnl.net.in. To make this process more secure ,one layer of DNS checking is being added.

Why it is being done.?

 As of now MTNL relays emails from any Broadband Static IP.This is being misused by some people to send out SPAM from the email server of a genuine customer.By adding this SPF check , MTNL prevents spammers from being able to misuse the facility.

Who is affected.?

Broadband customers with Static IP who are relaying emails directly through smtp.mtnl.net.in , without authentication are affected by this.

Who is not affected by this.?

 Broadband customers without Static IP are not affected by this.

What should affected persons do ?

In your domain DNS, SPF records need to be either added or updated with the IP address of your Static IP as well as MTNL Email servers.For example if your domain name is 'apharma.com' , the SPF record of this domain needs to be added/updated to include 

  • MTNL Static IP address (eg:
  • a:nsdlvry.mtnl.net.in a:dlvry.mtnl.net.in 

When will this change start ?

This change will be implemented on 12th june 2017.If any client tries to relay emails after this date,without updating the SPF record , the emails will not be accepted.

At this time, we would like to thank for your continued support.If you do have any queries , please email or call us at 022-24331175.


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