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MTNL is proud to be the trusted communications partner to India's leading corporate, working for them to meet the challenges of growth. We offer a full suite of business communication services across data, voice and managed services. Our solutions are tailored to fit your particular needs.We are dedicated to provide the highest quality of Data Centre Services. MTNL Data Center provides backbone network of various information systems and house very dense computer systems and interconnected components. 

MTNL has been offering innovation communication solutions for decades in the cities of Mumbai and Delhi. MTNL offers data-center services, for which MTNL has augments, its network using a data-center specific technology solution. The technology for architecting the data-center is designed, developed and productized by BB unit. This indigenous technology has many firsts, including being the fastest fabric to support any data-center, the lowest energy consumption in the industry, using a novel technology to encompass a multitude of data-center functions and being able to meet the requirements of next generation data-center and cloud computing environments.

MTNL offers next generation data-center services ranging from hosting services (web-hosting, IPTV, video-on-demand), to more complex IT-virtualization services using virtual machines, such as financial computational software, stock-market backup, enterprise IT applications, and remote IT processing. The data-centers located in Mumbai will support connectivity to almost every enterprise and business within the city. The data-centers by themselves would be state-of-the-art housing business critical IT-gear facilitating complete outsourcing of IT services. MTNL offers a plethora of managed and unmanaged services to their customers and businesses.

Business Offerings :

MTNL offers a broad variety of data-center services to its customers and consumers. These services can be categorized as managed or unmanaged depending on the level of desired complexity and enforcement of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The data-center itself is designed to be a state-of-the-art facility with compliance to international standards (namely the TIA942 requirements). Data-centers are located at different points within the city to provide fast response, remote backup and are completely redundant in every respect. Salient features of data-centers include:

- World's fastest interconnection fabric developed by top research group at IIT Bombay.

- Excellent connectivity to the outside world connected by India's fastest backbone network.

- Excellent connectivity to customers – using fiber or copper over MTNLs dedicated backbone.

- Managed data-center with redundant electrical, fire, air conditioning, switching, memory and management.

- Multi-level data-backup – for the first time ever.

- Enhanced security available in a proprietary mode.



 Dedicated Server


Sr.Plan NameProcessorRAMHard Disc DriveHardware RAIDMonthly BandwidthDedicated IPsMonthly Pricing
1 Economy Server 1 Intel Dual Core Procesor E5300 4GB DDR2 RAM 320GB Raid 5 1000 GB 4 IPs INR 6000

Economy Server 2


Intel Dual Core Procesor E5300



320GB Raid 5 2000 GB 4 IPs

INR 10000

3 Economy Server 3 Intel Dual Core Procesor E5300



Raid 5



3000 GB


4 IPs INR 14000
 4 Power Server 1  Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon  8GB DDR3  2*300 GB SAS

15000 RPM

 Raid 1  1000 GB 4 IPs  INR 18000
 5  Power Server 2   Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon


 8GB DDR3  2*300 GB SAS 15000 RPM


 Raid 1  2000 GB  4 IPs  INR 22000
 6  Power Server 3  

Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon


 8GB DDR3  2*300 GB SAS 15000 RPM


 Raid 1  3000 GB  4 IPs  INR 26000
 7  Power Plus Server   

Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon


 16GB DDR3  

2*300 GB SAS

15000 RPM
 Raid 5

3000 GB

 4 IPs  INR 30000



Sr.Plan NameMonthly BandwidthDedicated IPsMonthly Pricing
1 1U/2U Colocation 500 GB 4 IPs INR 5500

4U Colocation

1000 GB

8 IPs

INR 11000


Full Rack Colocation

 (With 3KVA Power)

5000 GB

16 IPs

INR 60000



Storage plan

Hardware RAID

Hard Disc Drive

Monthly Pricing

1 Economy Storage Raid 5 10 GB INR 4050
2 Power Storage Raid 5 100 GB INR 40500

Virtual Machines

Sr. VM PlanVM ArchitectureGuaranteed RAMCPU AllocationHard Disc SpaceMonthly BandwidthIPs Monthly Price
1 VM Economy 1 Hypervisor 512 MB RAM 8000 MHz 40 GB 1000 GB 4 IPs INR 2000

VM Economy 2


1 GB RAM 1200 MHz 60 GB

1000 GB

4 IPs INR 4000
3 Virtual Server


2 GB RAM DDR2 Intel Dual Core Processor E5300 320 GB RAID Supported 1000 GB 4 IPs INR 5500


  • Additional bandwidth charges : Rs. 500 per 100 GB
  • One time charges Rs. 3000 per 2U rack                                                                                         
  • Additional IP charges Rs. 100 per month
  • Rs. 10000 per 1 KVA per month for addional power.
  • Dedicated server upto 8GB RAM will be given through VM
  • Existing tariff which was applicable upto 3rd september 2011 will be closed completely for new booking & plan change.


About Us

The data-centers conform to industry standards and are built to beat any calamity, natural, manmade, incidental or otherwise:


  • Secure access.
  • Seismic zonal security.
  • Fireproof DC room.
  • Remote monitoring, recording of events.
  • Firewalls to the Internet.
  • Proprietary security for applications.
  • Waterproof, fireproof DC cage.


  • Controlled environment with secondary/redundant cooling.
  • Support of in situ measurement of temperature.
  • Temperature maintained at 22 degreed C and at a humidity of 50%.

Multilevel power support

  • Redundant power supply
  • Battery backup

Network support

  • Sub-1 microsecond switching fabric for very fast turn around.
  • Natural multicast support.
  • Support for 1Gbps and 10Gbps line cards.
  • Support for cloud services.

The following services are offered by the data-center:

Managed Services

  • Financial Services.
  • Virtual Machines for Computational and Financial Software.
  • Software as a Service
  • Remote IT processing.
  • Remote backup.
  • Video on demand.
  • Integration with MTNL’s cellular network.

Unmanaged Services

  • Automatic backup.
  • Hosting services.
  • IPTV.
  • Webhosting.
  • Entertainment services

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