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  • Scheme open to all Private operators to provide extension telephones to general public through DID EPABX enfranchise bases. (Commission)
  • These telephone connection can be provided in the adjoining multi storeyed buildings with in a radius of 500 meters from the multi storeyed building in which EPABX is installed.
  • Permission for operation of DID Group EPABXs under this scheme may also be granted.

ISDN PRI charges for DID/DOD Franchisee

Particulars Existing Tariff for EPABX for Franchisees on ISDN PRA Revised Tariff
Registration Charges Rs.15,000/- No change
Installation charges Rs.4,000/- May be waived off.
Security Deposit per O/G Jn Rs.75,000/- can be taken in the form of Bank Guarantee per New ISDN-PRI line on New EPABX No change
Monthly PRI connectivity charges per ISDN PRI Rs.5,000/-per PRI line per month. This is waived off if average monthly usage per ISDN PRI line is one lakh MCU or more Pool billing facility may be extended to franchise and connectivity charges rebate to that many number of PRI lines may be extended for number of completed calls in lakhs.
Call charges Rs.1.00 per call unit No change if franchise continues in the existing general plan. However they will be offered corporate ISDN PRI PLAN-A to PLAN-F and charge per MCU will vary
Commission on call charges Flat rate @0.20 per MCU No commission will be given after opting PLAN A to F. However existing scheme will continue.