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Garuda FWP Postpaid


Name of the PlanFW Plan-150One India TariffEconomy-289Unlimited Internet Plan 299Unlimited MTNL Local N/WUnlimited All Local N/W
Activation Charges NIL Rs. 125
(One Time)
Registration Charges Rs.500/-
Monthly Service Charges(in Rs.) 150/- 180/- 289/- 299/- 399/- 2000/-
Security Deposit:
For Local, Local/STD: Rs.1000/-(to be collected in two instalments)
For Local/STD/ISD: Rs.3000/-
FREE Local Calls (in Units) NIL NIL 175 NIL Unlimited to MTNL Local N/W Unlimited to All Local N/W
Pulse Rate for Local Calls :
i)For MTNL Mumbai GarudaFW/Mobile to own Garuda N/W Calls 60 sec. 180 sec. 60 sec. 60 sec. 60 sec. 60 sec
ii)For GSM own N/W 180 sec. 90 sec. 180 sec. 180 sec. 60 sec.
iii)For Fixed own N/W 180 sec 180 sec 180 sec 180 sec
iv)For Fixed/GSM/WLL Other N/W 180 sec. 60 sec. 180 sec. 180 sec.
O/G Local Call Charges (in Rs.)
MTNL Mumbai GarudaFW/Mobile to Garuda Calls Rs 0.10 (10 Paise) per min. Rs.1 per pulse

Rs 0.10 (10 Paise) per min.

To MTNL/Other Fixed/GSM N/W: i)Rs.1.20 for MTNL Local N/W
ii)Rs.1.50 Other Local N/W
Rs.1.00 175 calls FREE
Beyond 175 calls Rs.1.20
i)Rs.1.20 for MTNL Local N/W
ii)Rs.1.50 Other Local N/W
i)FREE for MTNL fixed/GSM/WLL calls
ii)Rs. 0.35 for Other N/W Calls
Local To MTNL Delhi Own N/W : Rs. 1.20 per 180 secs. Rs. 1 per pulse

Rs. 1.20 per 180 secs.

Other N/W of MTNL Delhi Rs. 1.20 per 180 secs. Rs. 1 per pulse

Rs. 1.20 per 180 secs.

Rs. 0.50/min
Pulse Rate for STD Calls(Inter Circle up to 50 KM)
To Fixed/WLL(F)/ BSNL Fixed    - 60Sec. - - - -
To All other network including MTNL delhi    - 60 Sec. - - - -
STD call
To All Networks in Maharashtra & Goa : Rs.1.20 Rs.1.00 Rs.1.20 Rs.1.20 Rs.1.00/min.
To Other states : Rs.1.20
SMS Charges (in Rs.)
Local (to MTNL N/w) Rs.0.40 Rs.0.10 FREE
Local (to Other N/w) Rs.0.40 Rs.0.10 Rs.0.40 Rs.0.40
National Rs.0.80 Rs.0.50 Rs.0.80
VMS Charges per 180 secs. Rs.1.20 Rs.1.00 Rs.1.20 Rs.1.20 FREE

Pay Per Second Plan

Sl.No. Description Tariff Details
1 Activation cum Installation charge Rs. 149/- (Plus Tax) (upfront payment)
2 Security Deposit(Refundable) Rs. 500/- (will be charged in the first bill)
3 Monthly Fixed Charges Rs. 99/- (Plus Tax)
4 FCA Rs. 99/- (Own network)
5 Tariff  
i) Local and STD calls Rates for Voice calls  
a) To Own Network ½ Paise / Sec
b) To Other Network 1 paise /Sec
ii) Data charges 1 paise / 10 KB (Pulse of 10 KB)
6 SMS charge  
i) Local 0.25 / SMS
ii) STD Rs. 1 / SMS
iii) ISD Rs. 5.00/SMS


CLICK HERE for ISD call Charges

Other Charges

SMS Based Service Charges (8888, 3600) (in Rs.) Rs. 1.00
Internet Access Charges Rs.0.30 / 100 KB (30 paisa)
One time Activation For Data Services(Non-refundable) Rs. 125/-
Itemised Bill Rs.50.00
CLIP/Call Forward/Fax Service FREE
Platinium Number Rs.10,000/-
Golden Number Rs.5,000/-


  • For Financial Implications of Garuda FWP Postpaid Services Click here
  •  All FWP Postpaid Plans are closed for New Booking.