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Last Updated on 30th November 2018

Miscellaneous Broadband Plans

Casual FTTH Plan

Casual FTTH Plans

Initial Charges

PeriodInstallation Charges
Security Deposit
1 Days to 10 Days Rs. 2,500/- Rs. 6,000/- One Month Plan Charges
11 Days to 20 Days Rs. 2,500/- Rs. 10,000/- Two Month Plan Charges
21 Days to 30 Days Rs. 2,500/- Rs. 10,000/- Three Month Plan Charges
  • Plans will be provided wherever fibre is already available
  • Connections can be extended where fibre is not available & expenses are within the limit of 20% expected revenue.
  • MTNL reserves the rights to discontinue the benefits if the plan is used beyond the prescribed TRAI guidelines for any commercial/telemarketing activities.

Casual Broadband Plan

Casual Broadband (ADSL / VDSL) Plans

Initial Charges for ADSL Connection

Broadband Registration, Installation & Activation Rs. 500/-
Non-refundable Modem charges (Normal/ Wi-fi) Rs. 1000/-
Installation of Telephone Line Rs. 500/-
Total Initial Charges Rs. 2000/-

Initial Charges for VDSL Connection

Including Registration, Installation, Testing, Activation, and Non-refundable Modem charges Rs. 5000/-

Usage Charges for ADSL / VDSL Connection

TypeDownload Speed (up to)Upload Speed (up to)Minimum Charges for 3 Days (Rs)Charges after 3 Days
(Rs / additional day)

1 Mbps 6 Mbps* 512 Kbps 1 Mbps* 1,200/- 500/-
2 Mbps 8 Mbps* 1.5 Mbps 2,150/- 800/-
4 Mbps 12 Mbps* 2 Mbps 3,800/- 1,200/-
VDSL 20 Mbps 50 Mbps* 4 Mbps 10 Mbps* 8,000/- 3,000/-

* Revised w.e.f. 01st December 2018.

 Note : 

  • All the payment will be taken in advance.
  • Date of opening will be counted as day one.
  • Activation time will be specified by the customer.
  • The modem will be recovered after deactivation.
  • There will be no refund or deduction in initial charges if the modem provided by the customer.
  • One recoverable telephone instrument will be provided with incoming facility only.
  • A customer can make an outgoing call by using VCC cards.
  • The connection will be provided subject to technical feasibility and availability.
  • VDSL casual connection will be provided upto 1.5 Kms loop distance.



Broadband Plan for Judges

Unlimited Plan for Judges of District & Subordinate Courts in the jurisdication of MTNL, Mumbai

Sl NoPlanSpeedHoursMonthly Service ChargesAnnual Rental option
1 Plan-1 upto 256 Kbps Unlimited Rs 2,500 Rs 20,000

Note :

  1. The monthly CPE service charges of above Unlimited Plans is waived off.
  2. Out-of-turn priority is to be given to the customers booking triband with the above Unlimited plans.

Broadband Plan for Hon'ble MPs

Broadband Tariff Plans for Hon`ble MPs

Sl NoPlanSpeedHoursMonthly Service ChargesMonthly Free DownloadAdditional Usage Charges beyond free usage
1 Trib MP 1 512 Kbps Unlimited Nil 100 GB (against 10,000 surrendered call units per annum) Rs 0.50 per MB
2 Trib MP 2 1 Mbps Unlimited

In Liau of 10,000
surrendered call out of 1,50,000 free calls per annum

Unlimited data transfer (i.e. Data download & data upload) NA
 3  Trib MP 3

 2Mbps up to 15 GB and 1Mbps beyond 15 GB (fair usage)

 Unlimited  Rs 1500  Unlimited data transfer (i.e. Data download & data upload) NA
 4  Trib MP 4   4Mbps upto 15 GB and 1 Mbps beyond 15GB (fair Usage)   Unlimited  Rs 1500 Unlimited data transfer i.e.(Data download & data upload) NA


  1. CPE (Ordinary or wireless) to be provided by MTNL without any service charge.
  2. Initial one-time charges(Up front charges) of Rs.300/- normal CPE / Rs 600 for wireless CPE for registration /Activation/Testing will be waived off.
  3. All other terms and conditions will remain the same in both the above plans as in other existing Broadband plans.

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