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Transfer of Telephone

  • It means a change in the name of the subscriber, in case of individual or change in name /constitution ownership in the case of company/organization/institution.
  • Event necessitating the transfer of a telephone.Change of name taking place voluntarily or due to marriage
    • Change in name/constitution of firm, companies, organization, institution, etc. 
    • Sale of dissolution of the firm
    • Death of the hirer.


The application for transfer (on prescribed forms) should be made within one year from the date of the event and is to be submitted to CSC of your area.


Can also be transferred to Blood Relation Transfer fee: Rs. 100
Can also be transferred to the third party after one year of installation Transfer Fee: 500

Shifting of Telephone

Internal Shift
When a telephone is shifted from one position to another in the same room it is known as an internal shift. 

External Shifts

When a telephone is shifted from one room to another or from one building to another building in the same locality or different locality, it is called an external shift.


External shifts are of the following types

Shifting of a telephone on All -India basis

Shifting Charges

  1. Shifts Within the same exchange area.
  2. Shifts from one exchange area to another exchange area in a multi-exchange system.
  3. All India Shift.

A telephone can be shifted on an All-India basis as per the conditions existing for shifting of telephones within the Multi exchange area. The application form (free of charge) can be obtained from the Area G.M's office/Shift Officer of Area on-demand and the completed form is to submit to the CSC of the area from where the telephone is to be shifted.

a)From one position to another in the same room, Nil
b)In all other cases of local shift   Rs.100
In the case of (b) a rebate of Rs. 300 is allowed if the subscriber arranges own internal wiring.



Use of Phone by Tenant

  • Permissible will be sent in the name of the tenant. Correspondence entertained with the landlord. Landlord to give an undertaking for the responsibility of payment of all telephone dues. Prescribed forms are available at MTNL Customer Service Centers.
  • The permission fee is Rs. 100.


Safe Custody


     Short Term safe custody

  • Safe Custody from 7 days to 90 days
  • Cable pair & telephone number will be reserved.
  • Restoration will be as per the customer's request.
  • The reconnection fee is Rs.100/- will be charged at the time of reconnection.


Long Term safe Custody

  • Safe Custody for long-duration beyond 90 days.
  • Cable pair & telephone number will not be reserved.
  • .Restoration will be as per customer's request.
  • The reconnection fee is Rs.100/- will be charged at the time of reconnection.

For keeping your telephone in Safe Custody, please apply at CSC or call at 1500.

Click here to download application for the safe custody of telephone

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