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Premium Rate Service

Premium Rate Service (PRM) is a telephone service that provides recorded information or live conversation for callers. Callers are charged a higher rate than the normal calls, which is then split between the service provider (content provider) and the network operator (MTNL). The MTNL allocates a special number to the service provider, which is known as premium rate number, that number can be accessed from MTNL (Mumbai & Delhi) phones.


Features and Facilities

  • The service enables Professionals and Information Providers to offer advice /consultation, forecast in any field, fortune telling, share market consultation, job consultation and information on sports etc. using telecom network which is the fastest means of communication.
  • The service provider (Professionals) is allotted a PRM service number by the Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (Network Operator) and this number can be accessed by telephone subscribers /information seekers of MTNL (Mumbai & Delhi) through STD phones only irrespective of the location of the Information Provider.
  • For this service, the call charges which are to be borne by the calling user are at a higher rate and hence the name 'Premium Rate'. The revenue earned by the MTNL (Network Operator) is shared between the Service Provider and MTNL.
  • For the same PRM service number the PRM subscriber can have a number of destination numbers and the call will automatically be routed to those numbers by the Intelligent Network (IN) switch. This service also provides time dependent routing which enables the PRM subscriber to have several installations in the network and specify flexible routing of calls depending upon time, day, date, holiday etc.
  • It also provides location dependent routing whereby subscribers can have several installations (several directory numbers and can specify flexible routing depending upon the area of origination of calls.
  • Premium rate can work on the city of subscription only
  • This service is accessible from MTNL Mumbai & Delhi Network

Access Procedure

The user can make a premium rate call by dialing: 0900 22 XYYY ; where: 

Access code = 0900 , Premium Rate Number = XYYY ( 4 digits) 
Where X = 1 means 2 sec Pulse rate 
= 2 means 3 sec Pulse rate 
= 3 means 4 sec Pulse rate 
= 4 means 8 sec Pulse rate 
= 5 means 12 sec Pulse rate 
30 sec Pulse rate is also available. 
'YYY' from 500 to 999 
'X' will be chosen by the Service (content) provider.

Access No. : 1900 22 XXXX for Local Numbers with 15/30 sec Pulse rate.


Registration charges Rs.3,000/-
Monthly Charges for PRM service number (payable in advance) Rs. 800/-
Creation /deletion /addition /modification of every PRM number Rs. 100/-
Charges for change of features Rs. 100/- (per request)
Charges for each additional copy of detailed bill Rs. 100/-
Presently there is no charge for basic features (One PRM service number for multiple destination and hunting facility) & additional features (Time dependent, detailed billing, origin dependent routing, and call redirection)


The fee for each call unit (pulse) will be charged as per the existing tariff and the commission to information provider will be given by MTNL at the rate of Rs  0.70 per unit.  

Please Note:

  1. An agreement will have to be executed by the PRM subscribers.
  2. The minimum period of hire is Three months.
  3. This service can be provided on existing telephone connections or connections obtained separately as per rules.
  4. The charges indicated here are PRM service charges and they do not include the normal charges levied for basic telephone service.
  5. The outgoing calls made from the telephone connections which the PRM subscriber assigns for PRM line will be billed as per usual rates and procedures.

How to subscribe

You can apply in the prescribed application form (available free) along with the registration fee + 2 months charges in the form of DD/Pay order/Crossed Cheque in favour of  “MTNL, Mumbai” 

Contact No. : 22634045

Assistance General Manager (PR - LC): Contact No. 22634045

Public Relation Officer (LC):                 Contact No.  22616411 


Gr. Flr. Fountain -1 Telecom Building,
Near VSNL(TATA Tele Comm),
Fountain, Mumbai.

Technical assistance

Sub Divisional Engineer: 1901-22-6789/ 24327002 / 24382486
For complaints dial Toll Free No. : 1800221500