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Tele-voting service

Tele-voting service allows the subscriber to conduct telephonic public opinion polls and surveys . Persons wishing to respond to an opinion poll can call the advertised televoting numbers to register their vote. Using this service, the network operator can temporarily allocate a single telephone number to the televoting subscriber with the last two (maximum) digits, called the "Choice Digit ", as variables. Most of the televoting calls are routed to an announcement which acknowledges the call, simultaneously, the choice counters are incremented. Facility exists to route selected calls to a public number. After voting has ceased, the service subscriber shall be supplied the result i.e. the contents of the choice counters.


Service Features

Core Features

  • Mass calling

Optional Features

  • Call logging
  • Mass calling
  • Origin Dependent Routing
  • Originating Call Screening
  • Time dependent Routing


  • Registration Charges : Rs. 3,000/-
  • Security Deposit : Rs. 10,000/- per day & Bank Guarantee of Rs.10,000/- per day.


Televoting (Category- 1)

If the Televoting number is kept as a toll free number and subscriber of Televoting Service pays the charges for incoming calls:

  • Rental per day for upto 5 televoting choices (payable in advance) : Rs. 5,000.00
  • Rental per additional choice per day (payable in advance) : Rs. 1,000.00
  • Charges upto 5000 calls (per call charge) Re. 1.00
  • Charges beyond 5000 calls (per call charge): Re. 0.80
  • Security deposit per day: Rs. 10,000.00
  • Bank guarantee per day: Rs. 10,000.00

Access Procedure for Category-1

Dialing Plan : 1603 22XXXX

Access Code : 1603 , Tele-voting Number : XXXX ( 4 digits with last two digit of customer choice)

Televoting (Category - 2)

When the subscriber of Televoting Service does not pay for the incoming calls and calling party pays for the call charges for participating in the Televoting:

  • Rental per day upto 5 televoting choices (payable in advance) Rs. 10,000.00
  • Rental per additional choice per day (payable in advance) Rs. 1,000.00

Access Procedure for Category-2

Dialing Plan : 1902 22 XXXX

Please Note:

  1. Minimum period of hire is 7 days.
  2. All payments to be made by DD /Banker's cheque in favour of "MTNL Mumbai"
  3. Bank guarantee from any authorized bank.
  4. The results of survey will be passed on only after all the payments are cleared.
  5. MTNL reserves the right to deny the facility depending on the nature of survey.

 How to Subscribe

Assistance General Manager (PR - LC): Contact No. 22634045

Public Relation Officer (LC): Contact No. 22616411


AGM (PR) LC unit, 

Gr. Flr. Fountain -1 Telecom Building, 

Near VSNL(TATA Tele Comm), 

Fountain, Mumbai.

Technical assistance

Sub Divisional Engineer: 1901-22-6789/ 24327002 / 24382486

For complaints dial Toll Free No. : 1800221500